The primary goal of Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene(ANOH) is to build industrial hygiene network in Asia. Through our network, we will not only develop and enhance capability of industrial hygiene in Asia but also explore Asian way of industrial hygiene. Recently, the demand for industrial hygiene in Asia has sharply increased due to rapid economic development and industrialization. However, industrial hygiene is not well developed yet, infra-structure is still weak and resources are short in most Asian countries. We believe networking and collaboration is a way to overcome these difficulties. We also believe we need to explore a way to enable efficient implementations and make effective interventions. In order to do this, the social context and relationships should be considered. This is what we call the Asian way.

Common Features Found in Asia

Weak in Industrial Hygiene

Limited number of professionals, experts and practitioners.
Unawareness and under-reporting of occupational diseases.

Labor Intensive Industry

Inherent labor intensive work due to demographic characteristics.
Increased demand of industrial hygiene services for labor intensive industries

Harmony in Diversity

Working in harmony with the diversity of language, culture, beliefs and living habits of people

Mutual Respect, Compassion and Friendship

Mutual learning and knowledge sharing by respecting each other, their thoughts, beliefs and actions; compassion towards others through kindness, empathy and sympathy; warm-hearted hospitality

Austerity and Simple Living

Austere and simple living; making do with what we have; living within our means

Strategy: Networking and Collaborating

Our goal will be achieved through primary strategy of networking and collaborating based on constancy of purpose and shared core value and spirit. The Asian way will be explored through harmony in diversity, mutual respect and cooperation

Core Values

Core values are the basic beliefs that govern our behavior and action. If these are in consonance with our members, the long-term prosperity can be achieved

Scientific Soundness

ANOH is always based on scientific soundness. We pursue justice. ANOH will explore a way even in face of adverse circumstances. It is the courage and will power to stand up to our ideals and convictions in the face of all challenges

Flexibility and Adaptability

Ability of being able to accommodate the diverse needs in a given situation to create harmony without sacrificing long-term purpose; flexibility in thinking, behavior and action while responding with agility& speed.

Social and Professional Responsibility

As a Professional Industrial Hygienists, we shall seek social responsibility.

Harmony of theory and practice

Although we base on sound scientific knowledge and skills, we must also pursue real performance in workplace.