Toward exploring the Asian way

I am greatly honored by the opportunity to serve as the second president of the Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene (ANOH). I promise to make my utmost efforts to expand and strengthen the activities of our organization. As you know well, ANOH is a professional network among national OH associations in Asia. Since its establishment in 2014, ANOH has been developing steadily through a range of activities including a regular annual conference, education, symposia, and board meetings, all of which have been contributing to identifying pressing OH issues in Asia.

Since the 20th century, developing countries, including those here in Asia, have been serving as the factories of the world. According to WHO, almost 8 out of 10 workers are now found in developing nations. If informal work and work at home is taken into consideration, the proportion of the world’s working population is even higher. Since the 2000s, manufacturing in developed countries has continued to shift into Asia, where proper industrial safety and health legislation, pertinent organizations, and a sufficient body of OH professionals can be lacking. The number of OH professionals in Asia is limited. We are working to address a variety of challenges, ranging from traditional OH issues such as noise, gas, and vapor to emerging concerns in cutting-edge industries, such as nanoparticles. As these circumstances are becoming exacerbated, ANOH must further strengthen our determination to share OH experience and inform on OH techniques through activities including training and networking. Major projects that I am going to stress during my term are:

  • Active support stressing the need for OH education and training in ANOH member countries and across the continent of Asia
  • Attracting more OH professionals and Asian countries as ANOH members
  • Active support for OH activities among ANOH member counties
  • Refinement of the annual ANOH conference

I would like to call for cooperating in making workplaces across Asia much safer through our activities at ANOH. I look forward to working with all of you to ensure the sustainable growth of our profession through this organization.

Donguk Park, CIH, DrPH
President of the Asian Network of Occupational Hygiene